Private Sessions

Wish you had someone to just take you personally through training your dog one-on-one?

To show you the fastest ways to make sure your dog reliably listens to you?

Wagging Tail Academy private dog training programs are here for you.

*A note from Maribeth, Owner of Wagging Tail Academy:

A short time from now your dog is an absolute joy to live with… you have peace of mind that your dog will listen to you, politely walk down the street without pulling you.  You can have neighbors drop by or guests come over and your dog doesn’t jump on them anymore.  Your dog comes when they’re called instead of having to be chased down to get them back in the house, and they wait at the door rather than darting outside.

Imagine how much more peaceful your house will be when your dog is calm and finally listens!

I feel your pain and I understand what you want…

We don’t have cookie-cutter programs that we try to squeeze you into… you want one-on-one help, that starts with coming up with a solution that fits you personally.

Give me a call right away and tell me all about your dog, and I will give you details about our customized training programs. 

(603) 401-2451 or