Success Stories

Now she gets off the couch when asked …

Pit Bull Training Brookline, NHMaribeth took my untrained, growling, peeing 45 pound monster and turned her into a lady who now dances on her hind legs for cookies. She even gets off the couch when asked instead of growling. Maribeth took the time, instilled patience in me, and turned my beast into my best friend.

– Janna G, DVM

Now our dogs are well-behaved, socialized members of our family …

Dog Training Brookline, NHWe were introduced to Maribeth at a pet function. We had one pet who had already attended puppy training classes, but we were so impressed by Maribeth’s upbeat personality and passion for positive reinforcement training, we signed up for classes with her until we achieved Canine Good Citizen and Certified Therapy dog.

When we decided to get a second dog, we did not hesitate to sign her up for classes with Maribeth. We found that the group training and more importantly, the socialization, was very important to molding the dog’s behavior.

Maribeth loves animals and it shows in her class techniques.  Our dogs, Justice and Freedom, are well-behaved, socialized members of our family and we thank Maribeth for helping us achieve such great results. You cannot find a more loving, caring, and competent trainer than Maribeth.

– Stephen & Lisa Yanco

Freia can now walk calmly with her pack

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers Training Brookline, NHNever would have thought taking dog training lessons could be so much fun, but it certainly is with Maribeth at Wagging Tail Academy!  My two Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers and I have taken many classes at WTA over the past three years.  Grane has earned his PhD and Freia, her Bachelors.

Maribeth is stellar at training not only the pups, but their owners as well.  She uses ONLY positive reinforcement, so it is easy on dogs and humans alike.  She offers complementary education programs, Canine Life and Social Skills – CLASS, the AKC training courses and the DoMoreWithYourDog tricks classes.  We have participated in all and more.

After an unfortunate incident at the dog park, Freia became fearful of other dogs and it was Maribeth to the rescue with her Reactive to Rover class.  Freia can now walk calmly with her pack and approach unfamiliar dogs without incident.

Even our classmates, canine and human, have been fabulous and it is all down to the enthusiasm, knowledge and control of our headmistress!  This happy pack cannot thank Maribeth enough for all her help and guidance.

– Holly F, Grane and Freia