About Me


Hello, I am Maribeth Lazich and I have owned, loved, and trained dogs my entire life.  In 2005 I followed my passion and left the world of high tech to become a full time dog trainer.  It was a great decision!  I find it extremely rewarding to work with families who are frustrated with their dog’s behaviors, and see how happy they are when they have a well-mannered dog.

I use positive reinforcement techniques – if you’re looking for a choke, prong, or electric collar I am not for you!  If you want to forge a strong bond with your dog built on trust, then I AM the trainer for you! 

I use very gentle training techniques so you don’t have to worry at all about your dog’s enjoyment of the training programs.  I know you want your dog to get the most out of training and for you to forge a strong bond with your dog built on trust.  I’ll help you do just that, while making sure your dog happily listens to you!


I offer a wide variety of classes to accommodate the needs of my clients:

I reside happily in Southern New Hampshire with my husband, two teenaged boys, and my Bulldog, Coton De Tulear, Leonberger, and lab mix, who, just perhaps, listen with more enthusiasm than my teenagers!

canine-good-citizen apdt Animal Behavior College Authorized Mentor Trainer